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Apr 29, 2015 - Day 7 Off to Stewart Island

Awake bright and early with my bags packed and off to the ferry terminal for the trip to Stewart Island. Foveaux Strait is not known for its calm seas and today was no exception; at a guess the swell was at least 3 metres and very sloppy so it was a very rough ride, free coffee not to be entertained!! Several people were ill and a lot more looked very seedy and the hour trip took and hour and a half. I was OK, enjoyed the ride but it certainly was hairy!! The weather was very cold and windy, occasional hail and sleet, so checking into the...

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Feb 26, 2013 - Oban, Stewart Island

We left our camper van at Garth’s house and took the ferry to Stewart Island. The little village of Oban on Steward Island is as far south as one can go in New Zealand. The only thing south of here are a few small, uninhabited islands and Antarctica. Oban is a sleepy, little, fishing village with a population of about 400 people plus tourists. Many tourists come here although there is not a lot to see or do. It is a good place to look for birds. I hope to see several pelagic and sub-antarctic birds if I am lucky. It is also a good place to...

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Nov 21, 2012 - Day 18 Stewart Island - Half-Day Pelagic Trip; Visit the Famous Ulva Island

The weather was good today and we went on an all-day pelagic trip. We went on the Aurora and our skipper was Ty. Ty was really great. Although he was just learning the birds, he would call out on the loud speaker, for the birders to look at what he was seeing. On the way out, we saw a Leopard Seal and some Yellow-eyed and Fiordland (New Zealand) Crested Penguins. At sea, we saw many seabirds. Some were new and would be some that we will see on next month's expedition.

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Feb 21, 2012 - Stewart Island

Well, we made it to Stewart Island. A beautiful spot with very few roads and lots of walking tracks and birds. We did two good long walks and saw kakas (parrots) and lots of other colourful and noisy birds, but no kiwis (except the gumbooted variety). We went for a walk at dusk both evenings - once looking for blue penguins - not spotted and the second time looking for kiwis. There are about 20,000 of them on the island, but we didn't see one. However, we certainly heard them all around us - they are loud! Now back on the mainland and...

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Mar 9, 2011 - Rakiura & Ulva

Early start and drive down to port at (Dead Man’s) Bluff to catch the ferry across the Foveaux Straight to Rakiura (Stewart Island). Sea kindly decides to be calm, as the 1 hour crossing is often very rough. Muttonbirds (Titi in Maori) a-plenty ! These are actually Sooty Shearwaters and possess amazing low level navigation skills, skimming the water between waves in search of food. They are also very fast, keeping up with the massive engines of the catamaran ferry and regularly cover vast distances (they have been measured to average 1000...

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Feb 3, 2009 - STEWART ISLAND

POLES APART – THE DEEP SOUTH Ferry at 09:30 to Stewart Island which lies about 35km by sea from Bluff – roughly the distance from Dover to Calais. Quite a rocky rolling crossing (people pay a fortune for this at Disney) but we arrived on schedule an hour later in Oban – the only residential inhabitation on Stewart Island – population 400 ( 85% is protected forest, 13% Maori “tribal” lands and just 2% being the town of Oban). Stewart island is the last significant land mass before Antartica and New Zealands “third island” . The whole island...

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Jan 8, 2008 - Stewart Island, (Rakiura, Land of the Glowing Skies) South Island

Jeff. One night with Wensley and Roger was never going to be enough. During an evening of chat we prevailed upon them to look after our frozen food items whilst we were on Stewart Island, and to put up with us on Thursday night when we returned from Stewart Island, and on Friday after we have our windscreen replaced. Next morning we talked far too long with Roger before getting a refill for one of our gas bottles. All now was a rush. We drove into Invercargill under Roger's direction and on the way back left him at the end of his...

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