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Oct 17, 2019 - Retour sur la route apres l'incident !!!

Bonjour a Tous, Petit texte suivra sur mon incident passport, porte feuille et autre. Bien, je suis repartis, sa prit 7 jours et ma nouvelle carte de crédit était arriver. Pas mal bien, assez rapide pour l'autre bout du monde. Fedex que visa Desjardin a utilisé. Le passport, bien avec la carte j'ai pu payé par internet et ils ont commencer a travailler sur mon dossier. Quand je passerai a Willington (chanceux, c'est sur mon chemin) il devrait être prêt, ds 15-20 jours.Temps normal, puisque je n'étais pas une urgence, ne partant pas du pays...

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Nov 25, 2013 - Our trip tp White Island

White Island is New Zealands only marine active volcano. The trip starts with a 90min boat trip before you are transported to the island in groups of 8 people in an inflateable motorboat. The steam the volcano is constantly releasing is over 70% sulphur and the air quite acidic so at times it was better wearing a mask. It was amazing getting so close to the edge of the crater lake which is about 20 x the acidity of a car barrery pH -6 .... Well off the normal pH scale!

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Nov 24, 2013 - Whakatane ready for our White Island trip

There were many people surfing far out to sea on waves between an island and the shore when we walked round to the Pacific ocean beach at Whangamata before breakfast. The sun was already warm and there were many people swimming and jogging around as it was sunday morning but after a quick check on the weather forecast we decided to drive 170km south to Whakatane so we could do the White island trip in good weather and calmer seas. The longer drive started very twisty as it had been during the whole of the Coromandel but once we got to...

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Jan 3, 2013 - Whakatane

A rainy day. Today we travelled north to the coast to an area called the Bay of Plenty. We are now camped at a town called Whakatane. The 100 km drive took almost two hours on New Zealand’s windy roads. We passed some construction sites where the road was down to one lane but nobody was working. I now know that almost everyone in New Zealand has gone on three weeks holidays. I had wondered why there were so many construction sites but I never saw any people working on them. I have been trying for two weeks to buy a tire pressure gauge to...

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Dec 8, 2008 - Whakatane (2)

16 miles Another summer day today – cloudy, but hot. We lay in for as long as we could bear (it gets really hot in the tent as soon as the sun hits it). After breakfast we cycled over to Ohope Beach, obviously without all the gear. As I had suspected, it was quite a challenging hill – actually kind of a triple hill, you kept thinking you were at the top and another bit would appear. We could have done it with the luggage, but it would have been very slow. Cycled around for a bit. Very posh houses along Ohope Beach, but little in the way of...

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Dec 7, 2008 - Rotorua – Whakatane

60 miles I don't know who that guy was who wrote about his ride from Rotorua to Whakatane, but he has a different definition to me of what a hill is. I counted nine, and I was generous with the definition. There were a couple of others that I categorised as slopes to give him the benefit of the doubt, but even so...quite a toughy. And all that with the most miles yet covered in a day! And Nick bought a full bag of porage in Rotorua so an extra kilo to boot. Actually it was a pretty good ride. The weather was pretty hot, but fortunately...

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Jun 8, 2008 - Opotiki to Whakatane North Island 13th to 14th May 2008

Sylvia’s Comments We woke to another lovely morning with some great views out over the Bay of Plenty and Whale and White Island’s. Before leaving, Jon had given us directions to an unusual waterfall at Kawerau that he said was worth a visit. It is on the road between Whakatane and Rotorura, two places we have yet to visit. Jon and Noeline were off on a fishing trip and we followed them off the property, with we me acting as the gatekeeper. Our van needed some supplies, both fuel and food so a stop was made in the town. The price of fuel...

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Apr 9, 2008 - More gorgeous countryside

Drove from Turangi to Whakatane via Rotarua today. Cruising past beautiful lakes, forests and mountains. I was suprised by the number of horses teathered by a thin rope around their neck to the roadside verge on major highways. They didn't even seem to notice the semi-trailers and loggging trucks that sped past at >100km/hr just metres from their heads. Only the Kiwi's could be tempted to try such a thing! Had a lovely arvo strolling along Ohope Beach. Unfortunately White Island (an active volcano off the coast) was silent today. Watched...

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Dec 15, 2007 - White Island

We arrived in Whakatane around 7.30pm and were lucky to find the tour operator we were after still open. We booked onto a tour to the White Island for the following day and found a nice quiet spot for some cooking. The next day we were up and out early and on the boat headed for White Island. We couldn't have asked for a better day as the weather was fabulous! Loz had a tough time on the boat on the way out as it was really rough but as we approached the Island, Steve spotted a few dolphins swimming right by the hull of the boat which...

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Aug 27, 2005 - Chapter 10: The volcano

We caught a big break today, as the boat trip to White Island was able to sail for the first time in a week. What a spectacular trip! A bumpy 90 minute boat ride was rewarded with nearly two hours walking around an active volcano. Once our boat approached the island, we boarded a Zodiac in small groups. To get on the island from the Zodiac, we had to climb a small ladder, cross a wet concrete block, and hike across 20 yards of wet boulders. It was worth the effort. The volcano hisses and gurgles at visitors. The ground crackles under your...

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