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Jan 13, 2006 - Bullhead, AZ

I'm in AZ to visit with Gary and Gerri for a few days and have access at the Best Western. I have phone service if you need to reach me. I will be taking some photos of the area and posting them later. When I leave here I plan to head to Quartzite (some place my dad said to see) and from there toward New Mexico with some stops along the way.

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Garuba Nomad

Nov 6, 2005 - Desert Beauty

Barstow was a very nice surprise. I had not planned to do anything except spend the night and then leave, but I discovered that Barstow contains a very well-preserved "Harvey House." Built in 1910, the Casa del Desierto in Barstow is a beautiful structure that was built as a Harvey House. Remember "The Harvey Girls," the movie with Judy Garland? Fred Harvey created the first restaurant and hotel chain in the late-nineteenth century to provide quality food and hospitality to Santa Fe Railway passengers. The Harvey House, as it is popularly...

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Nov 1, 2005 - Heading for the Colorado River

Packed up and got an early start for the drive to Laughlin Nevada and the Colorado River. Most of the trip was in the high mountain desert and was a very remote route. "Next Services - 110 Miles" Got a nice spot in a county park on the east side of the river in Bullhead City, AZ. which overlooks the water. The crystal clear river has a significant current as it exits the dam just to the north of us and flows south to the Colorado Aqueduct that supplies Nevada and southern California with water. The west side of the river 1/2 a mile south of...

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Oct 26, 2005 - New Mexico and Arizona

New Mexico, as with the year before, greeted us with rainbows in the sky and in the clouds. An absolutely beautiful place, though poverty seems rampant. Driving through some of the last stretches of Route 66 (that haven't been swallowed up by interstate 40), we traveled through some intensely desolate yet striking areas... My favorite stretch was in NW Arizona, where we climbed up and over a mountain pass on a narrow cliff road with 15 mph. switchbacks. Our brakes were smoking by the end of it. At the peak we stopped for a bit to enjoy...

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Oct 1, 2005 - Albuquerque NM to Bullhead City AZ

The night was short and I was up at 4 a.m. to head to the Balloon Fiesta grounds before sunrise. At 5 a.m., the Fiesta grounds had all of the appearance of a night-time carnival midway and folks were lined up to buy food and souvenirs. I have to admit that watching people eat funnel cakes at 5 a.m. was a bit disgusting. Just before sunrise, about 15 balloons took off to the cheers of thousands. Since it was still fairly dark, the balloons glowed against the horizon as they flew off. Just after sunrise, the mass ascension of balloons began....

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Aug 25, 2005 - High School homecoming - Bullhead City, Arizona

Bullhead City, AZ / Laughlin NV / Needles, CA = Mohave Valley I moved here my senior year in high school and graduated at Mohave High. At first, I hated the desert, after spending my previous years in the green hills of Oklahoma, but I soon learned how to discover the secrets of the desert and thus began a lifelong love for the wide open spaces covered in sand and cactus. Sadly, I wasn't able to be in AZ for my high school reunion and so I decided I would pass through and see how the place had changed since my last visit years before. The...

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