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Feb 17, 2013 - Cloudcroft 9000 Feet above Stress Level

Cloudcroft is located at the 9,000 foot level. It puts you a little closer to the sun and, like today, the warmth is nice. Sun was shining but at these altitudes it does get a mite cool. We had breakfast at one of the Western Bar restaurant and then visited the town's Web Cam. The procedure is to call someone that you know and direct them to the webcam site. Click HERE. You do the same with your Smart Phone. Once there, just wave, and your friends can see you. The picture is updated about every 30 secs. Just a warning, after you do this,...

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Feb 17, 2013 - La Luz A Very Old City

A short distance from our campground and on the way to the World's Highest Railroad and the city of Cloudcroft is the town of La Luz. Not much there except a few homes and one that has a really nice Rose Bush area. I should have put this entry before Cloudcroft and the Railroad but sometimes you just mess up. Hope you enjoy anyway Native Americans lived in the area for thousand of years prior to the arrival of the Spanish in the late 16th Century. The Mescalero Apache homelands covered an area of south central New Mexico including the...

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Feb 17, 2013 - National Solar Observatory at Sacramento Peak

This was our last stop on this day and really sorry we could not make it earlier. Sometimes things just happen. We were the only people there, and was impressed by the massiveness of the complex. To make up for our lateness I research a few internet sites that give a great overview of this operation. Please Click HERE and HERE and HERE and the last one click HERE This is about 14 minutes in length but gives a good feel for the drive up to Sunspot as well as the installation itself. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for riding along with us. Rick &...

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Jan 26, 2012 - white cap mountain sightings!

The photos don't do it justice...the road to cloudcroft was amazing. Went from a Haliburton HQ in Hobbs to crazy huge fields of oil rigs to some small farms to rocky palm and cactus littered fields to huge snow capped mountains of amazing conifers! OMG great travel day for Sven's birthday! We ended up on a kinda crappy hotel...but it has a tub for the boy so it works! We had a nice IHOP breakfast and a great dinner at the Western Inn, this place was awesome! The staff was independantly in more tyedye than I have in my wardrobe...I think the...

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Jan 14, 2011 - WSMR RV - Cloudcroft, Sunspot and Alamogordo

Today we opted for a much less ambitious “get away” and drove off to the east to visit Sunspot, Cloudcroft and stop by the New Mexico Museum for Space History in Alamogordo. Round trip would be less than 220 miles. The one bad thing about staying here at White Sands Missile Range RV Park is being so far away from anywhere – Las Cruces is 25 miles to the west and Alamogordo is approximately 45 miles to the east – and absolutely NOTHING (other than White Sands National Monument) in between heading east and the town of Organ to the west –...

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Oct 19, 2010 - Telescopes and Changing Leaves

The Richard B. Dunn Solar Telescope is the largest of the solar research instruments atop Sacramento Peak. The tower portion rises 13 stories (136 feet) above ground level. Like an iceberg, only a part of the telescope's bulk is visible above ground. Approximately 220 feet of this telescope lie out of sight underground. The leaves were just starting to change colors. Beautiful yellows, oranges and reds.

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Mar 13, 2008 - Basins, Sand and Mountains

Las Cruces sits in a basin surrounded by the San Andres Mountains and Organ Mountains to the east and Potrillo Mountains to the west. It is a lovely town and is home to New Mexico State University. We are waiting on a part to arrive for the slideout and have been told it should be here by Monday. Las Cruces is a great home for the time being. By the way, the name for Las Cruces is said to come from a series of crosses on graves of early pioneers killed by the Apaches. The original name was El Pueblo del Jardin de Las Cruces (the City of the...

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Feb 19, 2008 - Sunspot--National Solar Observatory

Carla here—this afternoon we drove from Alamogordo up the mountain through Cloudcroft to Sunspot, the National Solar Observatory. It is located on Sacramento Peak at a height of 9200 feet. We did a self-guided walking tour through the grounds. The first thing we looked at was an armillary sphere and sundial. The sundial is five foot in diameter. If you know how to use it you can read time, date, horizon, zenith, compass directions, direction of north star and your latitude. At first the sundial appears to be a piece of sculpture until you...

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May 15, 2007 - WOW! Alomogordo, New Mexico

Alomogordo, New Mexico. Home of the White Sands National Monument. There is a lot to this entry, so hold on...... Our RV 'home' was Edginton RV in Alomogordo. The RV park was special in itself, run by a young retiree and his wife. There were permanents, semi-permanents and then regular traveling-thru-ers like our two rigs. There was a windmill, a nature pond, the RV park was a Wildlife Reserve, almond trees - just really neat and different. The Most Important and Exciting thing we did while we stayed there was go to the White Sands National...

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Jul 24, 2003 - Cen-Tex LoW Trip - Day 5 - Cloudcroft

This morning we drove to Cloudcroft to look around. It is a very pretty little town. We explored the shops and then went to the Cloudcroft Lodge for a sumptuous lunch. Cloudcroft has an interesting history. In the late 1800s, the railroad was completed between Alamogordo, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas. The railroad's owners were intrigued by the mountains to the East of Alamogordo and sent a survey party to the summit. They were also impressed with the way the clouds blanketed the ground; at 9,000 feet above sea-level, Cloudcroft was...

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