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Mar 25, 2011 - Very Large Array

On March 25, we departed Glenwood, NM, fairly early in the morning for us and enjoyed the gorgeous drive up US 180 and then onto NM 12 through Reserve and up to the Plains of St. Agustin. Huge country! We stopped at the rest stop by the Very Large Array (VLA). We'd been to the Visitor's Center before and didn't take the time to do it this stop. We just enjoyed the enormity of that valley and the picture the radio telescope makes with all of those big discs splayed out over the countryside. The purpose of the VLA is to listen for intelligent...

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Aug 13, 2010 - Day 61

We left Taos and drove a beautiful road south to Albuquerque and then Socorro, NM. I decided to avoid I-40 and took a more scenic road - Route 60. What a beautiful drive. We did, however, have one of the worst (and the only campground) on the road and that was at Magdalena, NM.

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Feb 20, 2010 - Blast Off To The Vla Telescope

Today we blast off to the VLA Telescope. Hope the weather holds out till we get south enough to stay out of snow. Might stay at a campground in magdalena. Bev liked the idea of them having a HOT TUB. The drive here to Magdalena and our visit to [VLA] VERY LARGE ARRAY,made up for yesterdays glitch. Those things are huge. They say the dish is 5280 square feet. The average house in America is 2200 square feet. They move by a train that picks them up and move to the main track. The dishes are in a Y formation and connected together by fiber to...

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Oct 25, 2008 - Water Canyon, Cibola Nat'l Forest, Magdalena

While researching the areas around Socorro we read about Water Canyon Campground then called the local Forest Service office for more info. Free camping was enough to prompt us to drive out in the jeep to see if it would accommodate the motorhome. Oh yes this will do nicely! Located 21 miles west of Socorro on US Hwy. 60 and 5 miles south at the foot of the Magdalena Mountains, the road is good for the first 4 miles but then becomes gravel with steep, sharp turns approaching the campground. There are 12 very nice sites with no hookups but...

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Jul 7, 2007 - The Very Large Array

Day 10 - Saturday We got up early to drive out to the Very Large Array in Magdalena, NM. It was just over two hundred miles one way so we were driving for almost seven hours, but it was worth it. The very large array is a total of 26 radio telescopes run by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. Each disc is 200 feet across and they move them around on railroad cars. This is where the scenes for the movie "Contact" were filmed. College interns give a tour and it is really very impressive. On the way back I got my third bonus, The road...

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Jun 11, 2007 - Up, Up, and Cool

Well, we did something about the weather. We moved. We drove about 150 miles today slightly north of where we have been. The big change was in altitude we are up some 2500 to 3000 ft higher tonight. And it's COLD! Doug had to go put on a sweat suit just to set up camp. Yesterday at the tie-dye shop the owner recommended a place to eat on our route north. It is called Buck Horn in San Antonio NM. Its hard to miss because there are only about 5 businesses in San Antonio. When we arrived about 12:30 it was packed. It is a little honky tonk...

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