2007...transition and new arrivals travel blog

2007...transition and new arrivals

You have arrived at the part of our travel diary that begins with the year 2007. We were able to enjoy the winter and early spring in Florida and the Bahamas. Toward the last half of the year a new grandson and our first grand-daughter arrived. At the end of the year we moved off the boat and into our new condo in Solomons, MD. To return to the main homepage just click on home

Much has gone before as we left the working world and embarked on an adventure aboard our 43' Selene Solo trawler, Chapter III. For the first three years, that involved successive trips north to Maine and Canada in the summer/fall and Florida/Bahamas during colder climes, see the website chronicling our travels in 2004, 2005 and 2006.

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Bringing in the new year
My Androsian Valentine
Off the beaten path
Albert Town Settlement
Back to Rum and the...
Columbus Landing
Along the Bights
Bill/Melissa get wet
Eleutheran Adventurers
Homeland Security
Rivers and Bridges
Coming up on a Pause
Sitting in Solomons
A Barge Named Elisabeth
Amelia arrives; we go...
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